Senior Partner

Matei Stoenescu is a Senior Partner of Corporate Affairs Strategies. Prior to that, he pursued a highly successful legal career in the field of law, being recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of commercial and administrative law and a thought leader in commercial arbitration. Thus, in his over 15 years of law, Matei managed to successfully assist important companies present in Romania in their efforts to enter or consolidate their position on the Romanian market.

Moreover, during all this period, Matei developed his skills in the field of consulting, helping many of his clients to navigate through the complicated maze of relationship with the Romanian public sector, from a legal perspective.

Due to his expertise in his fields of excellence and remarkable oratory skills, he is a constant presence on Romanian television news sets, being constantly invited by the Romanian news channels to debate various topics of interest related to the latest news and the existing public agenda.

Over the years, Matei has also been involved and has extensively developed his expertise in the field of international trade, being an assiduous promoter of bilateral chamber of Commerce. Additionally to that, he currently holds the position of President of the International Insurance Arbitration Tribunal next to the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce.