Senior Advisor

Gabriel Iosif is a Senior Advisor of Corporate Affairs Strategies. The vast and particularly relevant experience accumulated in the over two decades of activity in the corporate sector at managerial level, doubled by the years spent in decision making positions of the central and local public administration sector, recommends him as one of the most versed and respected consultants in Romania in the field of Public Affairs.

Prior to joining Corporate Affairs Strategies, Gabriel spent numerous years as Senior Advisor for McGuireWoods Romania, the sole genuine American lobbying company active until recently in Romania, where he focused his practice on government relations and business development, mostly on matters pertaining to the healthcare domain. 

Gabriel Iosif has also deepened his knowledge on the Romanian Public Sector, where he served both in the central administration as Personal Advisor to the Minister of Economy, as well as in the local administration where he was General Director of one of the largest General Directorates of the Bucharest City Hall.

His unparalleled understanding of the corporate world and specificities of various multinationals derives among others from the years spent leading the regional lighting subsidiaries of GE and Siemens after successfully launching two business ventures in healthcare and commodity trading.

His academic experience focused on studies in the field of nuclear physics to which he later added an economic dimension by graduating an MBA program at the University of Washington.